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Dealt With by Paragon-Aura
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Dealt With :iconparagon-aura:Paragon-Aura 2 2
Astronimals Chibi by Paragon-Aura Astronimals Chibi :iconparagon-aura:Paragon-Aura 8 0 Play With Me, Little Human by Paragon-Aura Play With Me, Little Human :iconparagon-aura:Paragon-Aura 46 14 Teen Elmer Sglue - SSN by Paragon-Aura Teen Elmer Sglue - SSN :iconparagon-aura:Paragon-Aura 6 0 Seth and Kiyoko - Yin to My Yang by Paragon-Aura Seth and Kiyoko - Yin to My Yang :iconparagon-aura:Paragon-Aura 4 3 My Attempt at a Tumblr Squad Drawing by Paragon-Aura My Attempt at a Tumblr Squad Drawing :iconparagon-aura:Paragon-Aura 20 0 PPG, Mayor and Ms Bellum by Paragon-Aura PPG, Mayor and Ms Bellum :iconparagon-aura:Paragon-Aura 23 2 Eevultions by Paragon-Aura Eevultions :iconparagon-aura:Paragon-Aura 10 2 Butch (SSN) - Character Sheet by Paragon-Aura Butch (SSN) - Character Sheet :iconparagon-aura:Paragon-Aura 14 1 Boomer (SSN) - Character Sheet by Paragon-Aura Boomer (SSN) - Character Sheet :iconparagon-aura:Paragon-Aura 16 5 A Corrupted Robot by Paragon-Aura A Corrupted Robot :iconparagon-aura:Paragon-Aura 7 3 PPG and the Gang by Paragon-Aura PPG and the Gang :iconparagon-aura:Paragon-Aura 26 6 Elmer and Buttercups Fusion - Button by Paragon-Aura Elmer and Buttercups Fusion - Button :iconparagon-aura:Paragon-Aura 22 6 Please Love Me... by Paragon-Aura Please Love Me... :iconparagon-aura:Paragon-Aura 26 5 All I Want For Christmas Is Glue by Paragon-Aura All I Want For Christmas Is Glue :iconparagon-aura:Paragon-Aura 14 0 SSN: The Girls Have Returned: Part 1 Page 2 by Paragon-Aura SSN: The Girls Have Returned: Part 1 Page 2 :iconparagon-aura:Paragon-Aura 39 5


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Dealt With
While I was doing my project, I decided to draw Boomer like that evil Krusty doll from Treehouse of Horror as I was watching it at the time. But things kinda escalated...

Boomer is best yandere
Astronimals Chibi
Here is the chibi versions of my characters, The Astronimals: Ari S, Libelle, Kiyoko, Cobalt, Ripple and Seth. Planning to make them into badges or stickers :)
Play With Me, Little Human
Loved the game Bendy and the Ink Machine and since Chapter 2 is out and its now on Steam, I want to commemorate it by
making a little art piece for it and Im doing a comic soon if I have the time. College is such a bitch right now.
Teen Elmer Sglue - SSN
An well-deserved piece of art for an unappreciated character. Seriously why am I the only one who remembers this guy from PPG? He's more than just a guy who eat paste

Elmer Sglue belongs to Craig McCracken, the Powerpuff Girls and Cartoon Network
Seth and Kiyoko - Yin to My Yang
Opposites attract, especially with zodiacs. The deep aggressive and brooding Scorpio and the hyperactive, cutesy and curious Sagittarius.

Here's my Astronimals character Seth and Kiyoko, the reincarnations of these two zodiacs, in human form
Hey guys! Since AntiAPC tagged me about a QA thing I decided to have a go at it myself
So to all my faithful followers and friends, here's the answer to questions no one asked!

1.)  How old are you?

18. Moving on

2.) How tall are you?

No one cares, mate.

3.) What do you look like (just curious)

Okay, well I have brown eyes and long dark brown hair, I have a cute face (I think) and I have a tiny yet slim figure. Suprisingly I'm not fat even after all the sugar I eat. XD

4.)  What siblings do you have?

I have a little sister who's sweet yet drives me mad. Thats it.

5.) What pets do you have?

I have two dogs called Breeze and Darcy, ones an English toy terrier and the others a Shih tzu X cavalier spaniel.

6.) What is your favourite colour?

Oh I can't decide. I love purple, blue and black.

7.) What's your favourite food?

Sweets, pizza, cake and I like roast dinners

8.) What's your top 3 favourite shows?

     Powerpuff Girls (obviously)
     Sailor Moon (both Crystal season 3 and           original anime)
     Transformers (1980s cartoon and Prime)

9.) What's your middle name?


10.) Are you afraid of heights?

Weirdly specific question, but yeah I am unless I'm in an aeroplane or on a zip wire, then I'm fine.

11.) What do you do in your free time?

Play video games, watch cartoons and anime, YouTube mostly. I also like to do puzzles and go out on trampoline and go on the swings at the park while listening to music :3

12.) Have you ever been bullied? If so, what was it like?

Well, yeah and I don't like to talk about it. But let me just say, I've been publicly shunned from my high school years. No one ever approached me or wanted to befriend me. And I felt horrible. And I was bullied by people even younger than me.

13.) Have you ever lost someone you love?

Geez, this QA got dark. No I haven't but I have lost one of my grandparents but I was little and I didn't know what to feel to be honest. Let's move on.

14.)  What do you use to draw on?

Ah this is better! Basically I draw something on my sketchbook, then I scan it onto the computer, use Photoshop and do the line work and shapes first, then I colour it in, add some layers such as shading and lighting (which by the way is difficult as hell!) but it's all worth it.
Drawing is my life and digital artwork is really growing on me.

15.) Who's your best friend on Deviantart?

My best mate is ServerUnit28-Br0ken. She's awesome and makes funny and well drawn artwork. I'm serious. And she makes great memes. She's really sweet as well and so laidback. Love ya, mate

My other friends on this are


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Lauren Wilson
Artist | Student
United Kingdom


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